Frequently Asked Questions

We are the fastest growing Airbnb management and real estate consulting company based in Prague, with operations also in France, Greece and Spain. We provide end-to-end solution related to real estate investment including income projections and ROI calculations, legal & administrative service and of course modern hassle-free sort-term rental management. easyBNB is here to take care of the entire process so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the profit that comes with short-term renting.

We are the only property management company in Czech republic which is able to advertise properties of our clients on more than 35 global platforms. We also optimize the pricing strategy according to different factors like seasonality, local events or occupancy rate in the neighbourhood to maximize your monthly income.

Our unique solution will generate you up to 50 % higher income in compar­ison to long term rental and 20% more than if you would advertise on Airbnb alone. How? We use the best tools and technology available on the market. Thanks to them we maximize your yield and monthly passive income. Property performance and statistics will be available in real time 24/7 on your personalised app and dashboard.

easyBNB is able to list flats on Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Expedia or and 30 other channels. We are flexible and will work on the model that best fits each owner. Listing on all platforms enables us to optimise occupancy and maximize your profits.

All of our owners have access to the calendar of their flat. The owner is able to block dates for their personal use, family or friends. The flat will be clean and ready for you when you need it.

We are happy to estimate how the property would perform based on the real market data. Then we will advise you how to monetise your property in the most efficient way. Email us and we can discuss it together!

10 benefits of working with easyBNB

1. easyBNB is one of the first companies in Prague to provide a comprehensive list of services for short term rental managers and property owners

2. We have received thousands of guests from over 80 countries

3. Our team speaks and communicates fluently in different languages which raises customers comfort and satisfaction

4. We know how Airbnb and other platforms work and have great connections within these companies

5. We can help you maximize your performance and increase the visibility of your portfolio to have more bookings and excellent ratings

6. We are 24/7 – You don’t need to respond to these night messages or take late calls. You are covered!

7. We are flexible, we understand there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’

8. Focus on the key parts of your business, whether its rentability, growing your business, or free time. We manage the hard stuff for you

9. We put customers first. We are dedicated to always ensuring customers are satisfied. If they are happy you will get more bookings

10. We are always looking for innovative ways to optimize and improve listings

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