1.  Invest in photos

We mean time investment, not just financial one. Take the time to clean and decorate your apartment. Think of how you want to present it, what should be seen in the photos and which details to focus on. Good and bright photos are absolutely essential. Your future guests do not have the opportunity to see the apartment in person, so the photos are your main selling tool.

2. Make the apartment original

No one wants to spend time in one of many flats that looks like an IKEA catalog page. Your guests do not travel hundreds of kilometers to stay at the same room that their friend has at home. Imaginative, novel and stylish interiors will always be more popular. Try to go through your grandmother’s attic or go around a few antique stores. Surely you will find something that will give your apartment a distinctive character.

3. Show that you care about your guests

A personal approach is what makes hosts the best. Guests will know whether you are renting an apartment purely for profit or if you care about their comfort as well. Create a map with tips on restaurants, bars and hidden sights. People choose airbnb because they want to get to know the local way of life, not just the famous tourist spots. Recommendations for flea markets or traditional Czech handcrafts are also a good idea.

4. Be obsessed with cleanliness

Clearly one of the main criteria in finding accommodation. Do not count on the fact that the apartment is “definitely tidy”. Check it regularly and carefully. It is not enough to clean only  the visible areas. Make sure the cabinets, floor under the bed and so on, are spotless, too. Cleanliness must also radiate from the photos, limescale in the bathtub does not attract anyone.

5. Host as the best hotel

It’s very simple.. Guests appreciate the opportunity to relax in quality bedding and choose comfortable pillows. Extra towels in the bathroom always have a positive response. It will cost you a few crowns but your guests will feel like in a five star hotel.