It’s no secret that Airbnb and are the two most popular channels for guests to book their stay but there are other platforms where you can have your property advertised. 

HomeAway is easyBNB’s third biggest channel in terms of revenue. This is due to the 25+ different micro sites under its umbrella. HomeAway attracts mainly North American, German and Spanish clients for usually higher rates than Airbnb &

Expedia allows vacation rentals to be listed alongside hotels on and its partner sites like, Orbitz or Travelocity. Expedia has the ability to bundle its offers with flights meaning more options for your property to be booked!

The big advantage that TripAdvisor has, is that once a traveler books an apartment/villa, they can immediately book flights, rental cars and other services. The commission per booking is only 3% making it a great option for net returns to our owners.

But managing all these platforms manually by you, owner can be very stressful, not only at the calendar synchronization level, but also because an optimal pricing strategy must be defined per channel.

How do we maximize revenue of our clients?

Besides performing intelligent revenue management and dynamic pricing we advertise
properties of our clients on 30+ different platforms to exponentially increase their visibility
across different continents and secure more attractive bookings. This enables us to
secure at least 20% income increase than advertising only on Airbnb or


What does easyBNB do?

We provide end-to-end solution related to real estate investment including income projections and ROI calculations, administrative service and of course modern hassle-free short-term rental management.

How do I make money?

Our unique solution will generate you up to 50% higher income in comparison to long term rental and 20% more than if you would advertise on Airbnb and alone

We can also help you to increase your rental income. Contact us today and make your property profitable from tomorrow!