easyBNB acquires StayInProvence with aim to become leading Airbnb management company in South of France

easyBNB has been setting an unprecedented pace in the property management industry quickly rising to the top in the complex area of short-term rental management. Since its launch in 2016, easyBNB has grown by more than 300 % per year, now operating across several cities in Europe with a dominant presence in France, Czech [...]

10 easy tips to make your apartment more attractive

1.  Invest in photos We mean time investment, not just financial one. Take the time to clean and decorate your apartment. Think of how you want to present it, what should be seen in the photos and which details to focus on. Good and bright photos are absolutely essential. Your future guests do not [...]

How much can my property make on short-term rental?

Do you own a property that you would like to rent for a short period of time, but do not have the time for it or the necessary know-how? Short-term rental of your apartment, building or villa is a great way to increase your income. In this article, we'll help you get an idea [...]

Czech startup easyBNB wins “Business story of the year” prize

On April 4th, 2019, the French – Czech Chamber of Commerce awarded the top prize in the “Business story of the year” category to the easyBNB company. The prize is awarded to entrepreneurs whose project stands out in terms of originality and creativity, or who achieve financial success showing a potential for future growth. [...]